Just Sayin’


“This quartet was the brain child of tenor  Diane Fagerstrom, who had a dream of winning the Novice Quartet Award at the 2015 Area 2 AC&C. With a keen ear and vision for the future, Diane hand picked this motley crew from the New England Voices in Harmony masses. Diane is an accountant who hails from Gardner, MA and lends 40 years of experience to the quartet.  Lead Molly Thompson lives in New Boston, and is a speech pathologist who has been singing since childhood, and adds comic relief to the group. Retired lawyer Betsy Westgate carries the weight of the quartet on her small shoulders as bass and adores spending much of her time with her two young grandchildren. Baritone Joyce Desjardins adds class to the group as a recovering junior high school math teacher from Dracut, MA. Diane’s vision of Novice Award was achieved and the quartet is setting new goals for future contests and performances.  Just sayin’….”