Chapter Quartets

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New England Voices in Harmony is proud home to several quartets, including three International Quartet Champions: Ringtones!, 2010 Harmony Queens; Showcase, 2009 Harmony Queens; and Synchronicity, 2004 Harmony Queens; plus Moonstruck, current International 5th Place Medalist Quartet and Area 2 Champions; Happy Hour; Kismet; Family Fun; Taken 4 Granite, and Destiny.

New England Voices in Harmony strongly encourages quartetting. Participating in a quartet not only helps singers develop their talents and improve their skills, but also helps build a stronger chorus. It’s also one of the most fun things singers can do, providing rich and rewarding experiences to those willing to share their voices with others.

To this end, we host an annual Quartet Showcase each summer, inviting quartets from near and far to be guest performers. Experience and gender don’t matter. The goal is to encourage all groups – male, female or mixed – and all levels of singers who enjoy performing an opportunity to perfect their skills and entertain the audience. The showcase provides a friendly forum enabling newer groups to build confidence and more-experienced groups to try new styles or song selections. Participating quartets range from novice or pick-up groups to well-seasoned, award-winning quartets. The public is always welcomed at these events.